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Spirit'sWord Daily Devotionals

Where's the Path Gone?

Will You Stand Firm?

Bring Something of Value to God

Do You Have Enough?

How You Can be Faithful to God

Security in God's Love

Search Your Heart before Communion

Patience, and God's Unfolding Plan

Not an Olympic Racetrack

Avoid Paganism

Tracks in the Snow

With Jesus, Yet Hungry

Forgiving the Debt You are Owed

Joseph: Everything Belongs to God

His Unfailing Love

The Source of Words

Praise Can be a Decision

Watering the Earth

"Set Free" by Jesus

Look After Your Vineyard

When We Look Back

Spend Time with God EVERY Day

Noah: The Ark and the Closing Door

The Frustration of Satan

Live by the Spirit

Ruth and Naomi: No Looking Back

Season of Drought

'Friendly Fire' in the Church

The Lord's Compassion

The Stronghold of Fear

Fall Down Before God

The Armour of Satan

The Most High is Sovereign

The Counsel of the Lord

Hidden Roots

Changed Life

Hearing God

The Least of these Brothers of Mine

Father to the Fatherless

Judging Motives

Fear Him

Barabbas: The Way of the World

Be Reconciled to God

Polluted by Sin

The Pearl of Great Value

Comparing Ourselves with Others

Building the House

The Stronghold of the Lord

David: Gathered Together for the Lord

Tolerance, the Counterfeit Love

Astonished at the Faith of Men

Hearts Revealed by Drought

Do Not Hang Yourself

The Second Greatest Commandment

Created by God for a Purpose

Jesus Clears the Temple

The Shrewd Manager

Straight Paths

The Lord's Purpose Prevails

Inside the Temple of God

Jonah: 'Throw me into the Sea'

Though He Slay Me

Prayer, Don't Give Up

Esther: Speaking Out for God

Love Your Enemies

Not a Game of Monopoly

Evil Arrows of the Enemy

Blameless Before the Lord

Peace in the Shadow of Death

Mary and Martha: At His Feet

The Lord's Discipline

True Friendship

A Better Resurrection

Emotional Healing

Hold on to Integrity

Carrying a Burden

Not Publicly, But in Secret

Moses and the Desert

As it Was in the Days of Noah

In the Hand of the Sovereign Lord

Trust in the Lord

Future Hope

Jacob: The Lord is in This Place

Thankful Worship

Hagar: Your Servant is in Your Hands

Don't be Afraid to Fear God

That Christ's Power May Rest on Me

The Spring of Living Water

Be Reconciled to Your Brother

Judging Others in the Church

The Ring of Sonship and Authority

The Robe of the Father's Love

Spread Your Cloak before the King

True Success

Submit to the Lord

Jesus and the Lions' Den - Part 1 of 3

Jesus and the Lions' Den - Part 2 of 3

Jesus and the Lions' Den - Part 3 of 3

Disowning Jesus

Alone with God

The Battle for Our Minds

Gideon and the Fearful Army

When I Rest with My Fathers

Compassion on the Afflicted

Spirit, Soul and Body

David: From the LORD Comes Deliverance

Spirit of Sonship and the Desert

The Purpose of the Desert

Cry for Mercy

Joseph: The Storehouses of God

Elijah: The Gentle Whisper of the Lord

Why Did God Destroy Sodom?

Sandals of Peace

Set Free from the Snare

Get Wisdom

Don't Put the Cart before the Horse

Waiting for the Wind

Jacob: The Lord Builds on Failure

God's Optimism

The Blacksmith's Hand

Growing Faith

Lay Siege to that City

Jeremiah: Stuck in the Mud

How the Law Hangs

His Word is Like a Hammer that Breaks Rock

Do You Belong to the Master?