Daily Devotional

Fall Down Before God

by Simon Whitton

Whenever the evil spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out,
"You are the Son of God."

Mark 3:11 (NIV)

My great-grandfather was a Baptist minister, and I recently read this excerpt he had written about 100 years ago:

A blind man about 40 had been to several of the meetings and had listened very attentively to the message, but not until this last meeting did he yield his heart to Jesus. He sat in the back seat. I heard his cry for mercy. I went to him and asked him if he would like to come out boldly for Christ. "I would, sir, I would." There were forms (people) all down the aisles and I had to get assistance to get this man out of his seat and we had to push our way through the crowd to get to the communion rail. When we did get there, there were very few dry faces in that chapel. They all knew the blind man. They knew that he had hardened his heart against religion before, but now he had prostrated himself before God and soon he rose up and gripped my hand and sang "Tis done, the great transaction done."

This man did it properly, he demonstrated an appropriate response to the King of the universe; he prostrated himself, he fell on his face before God. In the Bible people often fell on their faces before kings, usually to honour them, or because they feared them; but more importantly people fell prostrate before God.

This is a practice that we must not overlook. We find it in the first book of the Bible, the last book and most books in between. When God made His covenant with Abraham, his response was to fall facedown before God. Moses fell prostrate before God for forty days and forty nights praying for mercy for the Israelites. Joshua fell face down before God after Israel had lost a battle, and David after he had sinned. Elijah called fire down on the sacrifice, then 'all the people' fell prostrate crying "The LORD, He is God! The LORD, He is God!" Job fell to the ground in worship after he had lost everything, even his family. Many others also prostrated themselves in the Old Testament.

Once in the New Testament you can hardly get through a chapter of the gospels without someone falling at the feet of Jesus. A man wanting salvation, a Samaritan, a prostitute, a woman whose daughter needed deliverance, a demon-possessed man, a woman in mourning, a synagogue ruler, a leper, a woman who'd been healed, even a whole detachment of soldiers and some officials.

Later Saul and his companions fell to the ground when confronted by Jesus. Then in the book of Revelation the 24 elders leave their thrones and fall on their faces to worship God, along with the angels.

Now is not the time to harden our hearts, now is the time to fall prostrate, whether in worship, fear or with a request. Fall before the one who has all the answers, all the power and all the mercy you need. Then like the blind man of a century ago, you will be able to rise up and say "Tis done, the great transaction done."

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